How Our Equipment Is Different
Professional Camera Equipment We presently are using Nikon D200's You should ask if your current tour provider is using a SLR camera. It is widely know that many tour operators are using point and shoot cameras . These top-of-the-line cameras deliver high resolution, best-of-class optics, and extensive manual controls. Like less-sophisticated cameras, they are capable of functioning fully automatically, but also offer an extensive range of manual controls. All support uncompressed image formats like RAW and TIFF in addition to the standard JPEG format, making them ideal tools for photographers who use image editing software to optimize their work. Like traditional film cameras, digital SLRs offer the added advantage of using detachable lenses. Though certainly not cheap, these cameras deliver professional-quality performance and the ultimate in creative control.
Professional Tripods We current enjoy the ease of use with Bogen / Manfrotto Tripods and Monopods.
Professional Color Corrected Lighting Equipment Although most shots do NOT require extra lighting, we do have 4 photo umbrellas and other lighting equipment to make sure your shot comes out bright, clear and that the colors show true.
Tracking, Measuring and Communications Equipment - Our vehicles are equipped with cell phones, laptop tops, gps mapping units and in the event of a remote shoot we also carry satellite phones. What does this mean to you? We show up at the right place at the right time.